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I have been meaning to use Excel as a better tool for my SEO work and this bit of info should really help:


And if simply a character count is wanted “=LEN” – talk about a handy tip.

via Excel for SEO: 18+ SEO Excel Functions


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Highlight all of your words in Word, see the word repetition take that number and divide that by the total number of words for keyword density percentage. Save some time now.

“divide that number by the total number of words to get your keyword density.”

via Attention SEO Enthusiasts РUse Microsoft Word to Check Your Keyword Density

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Writing takes diligence more than anything. It’s about creating a rhythm and chipping into your ideas and making them come alive. It’s about going back and editing. Scott Berkun shows us that there is no easy way to write 1000 words, but his best hack is keeping a notebook with you at all times – including at the bar.

via How to write 1000 words

Don’t eat at Thai restaurants during lunch – your food will take ages to make.